Field Software Engineer Job in UAE

This is a full time software engineering job for permanent employment in the United Arab Emirates. This role will need you to travel a lot, so in case you are thinking about applying, keep that in mind. Most of the duty time will be spent at the sites of different clients and that is why it is not a typical office job. You will also have to work to create new products, it’s not for starters as you will be asked to work for already created products at the start, but later you will have to start working with productized platforms.

Requirements for this Role

You must have an intense interest in software and your actions must show that you are a passionate engineer. Solving problems related to the software must be something enjoyable for you.

You must be anticipated for the likelihood of your fieldwork and each project assigned to you must be completed with utter interest and intelligence.

All the basic and deep knowledge of the fundamentals of software should be on your fingertips. Working with all algorithms and data structures should be an easy task for you to perform.

A new problem should not discourage you, but you should show the passion to solve it and must not rest until you find a solution and get it resolved.

You should be adaptive with the situations that you face. This environment will be new for you, but losing hope will not be an option. Learn to get out of your comfort zone and try new methods. Collaborate with your coworkers and formally accept all your responsibilities and get related experience.

You must be ready to travel at any moment because this job requires heavy traveling. Most of your time will be gone in traveling as you will have to get to the client’s sites all the time.

The company requires someone with resources to solve all the problems they face during the working. You must be able to think and to find solutions on your own.

The perfect candidate should be able to work along a team and help other members as much as he can. He should not just think about the success of himself, in fact he should think of his whole team.

You should be a fast learner, as the process goes, you will have to face new ideas every now and then and you must be able to learn something from the experience. The company is not asking for perfect skills in a particular technology, but they want an overall fundamental knowledge and an urge to learn new things along the process.

Your communication skills must be on point because you will have to interact and coordinate with your team. That requires a strong and articulate communicator.

Technical Demands

The candidate must be willing to travel to Abu Dhabi for work and should also be ready to travel around according to the clients and their work sites.

He must have experience of working in a restricted environment like without an internet connection.

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