Kindergarten Teacher Job in Houston, Texas

This is a great opportunity to work as a kindergarten teacher in Houston Texas.

First thing that you need to know is about the school. BakerRipley is an education system to deliver consolidated and integrated teachings to kids from the age of six months till they get to eighth grade. It’s not just for children, but the whole family. The problem in our society is that the educational authorities don’t pay much attention to this early schooling. These childhood teaching programs can be very helpful in making the base of your kids mind. BakerRipley came into the scene to fight this issue, their main focus is for the underprivileged children and for that they have opened 3 community schools at an elementary level. In addition to that a middle school is also started under their name. For the refugees, they have developed a school named New Neighbour to make sure that they don’t feel left out. All of these schools are situated in the BakerRipley community centers.

The comprehensive perspective of this community is to build a sense of knowledge not just for the kids but for the entire family to ensure a stronger impact of this education. Parents as well as children get all the resources that they need to pursue their careers in the respective degree that they are interested in.

Roles of the Selected Candidate

All of the teachers in these community schools tend to educate the students by supporting their growth and appreciating the process of development and encouraging them to think creatively. Another major task is to provide them with all the resources and linking them to the community programs that will help in getting high quality education. Their sole purpose is to connect the students and their parents to equip them with the right material and connections and the complete network that will grant them access to new opportunities not just in the class, but also outside.

Main Duties of This Post

The first one is to plan and design a complete curriculum that will help the student grow. Main purpose of thai step is to make sure that the framework designed is appropriate for the kids according to their cultural values, will make sure of their development and will keep them engaged productively.

The next one is to deliver proper instructions after providing the thorough curriculum. The teacher would have to facilitate the students with all the practices that they have to perform and properly communicate and coordinate the true meaning of learning. Make Sure that they enjoy the true experience and appreciate it.

The third duty of the teacher would be to ensure that the material provided and instructions given are appropriate according to the grade level of the student and their family. You would have to encourage them to achieve more and reach the goals and don’t forget to give them constructive feedback to improve next time.

The teacher would be obliged to check their email twice and day and make sure to reply if it is important.

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